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(Project (D.I.Y) Help

We know that folks in the Northwest have an independence and take pride on doing projects themselves from time to time. We can help make that easier for you. CDA Deck can ease your work and time frame by coming out and digging all the holes, framed the entire deck so you only have to concentrate on laying down your decking of choice


Sometimes the deck itself might be right up your alley, but may need  help on constructing the stairs and/or railing? Not to worry, CDA Deck has your back! Just give us a call and we will come right out and build either or both to your exact specifications to make sure your deck is 100% completed on time.


Already have a deck? But want to add railing, benches, and/or stairs? Maybe you have been planning on adding additions to your deck? We can come in and help the ease the workload to help achieve your dream deck.

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Coeur d'Alene Deck Serves all of Eastern Washington and North Idaho.


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Email: jim@cdadeck.com

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